Annual Meetings

In addition to normal council meetings which are called by the Clerk, there is also an Annual Parish Meeting which is called by the Chairman and takes place in April or May.

This meeting allows the Chairman to present to the parish residents his/her report on council business for the year & invites representatives from other bodies to address the residents on their own activities.


The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council takes place in May and in an election year is the first meeting of the new council. All members sign the declaration of acceptance which is followed by the election of the chair, vice-chair, responsible financial officer, internal auditor, committee members and representatives who will sit on outside bodies.


The Parish Council meets every month, usually on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, at 7:30pm in Champney Hall, Stanwell Road Horton SL3 9PA

Meeting dates are always published well in advance here and on notice boards . The latter being situated on Stanwell Road outside Champney Hall and at the bottom of Coppermill Road opposite Old Mill Place

Members of the public are most welcome to attend and are provided with the opportunities detailed below, to address the Council.

Meetings commence at 7.30pm

Meetings 2019/20
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February 19th Read / Print Read / Print
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April 16th Read / Print Read / Print
May 14th - Annual Parish Meeting Read / Print Read / Print
May 14th - Annual Parish Council Meeting Read / Print
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June 18th Read / Print
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Sunday Sept 1st - Extra Ordinary Meeting Read / Print Read / Print
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January 21st Read / Print  
February 18th    
March 17th    
April 21st    
May 19th - Annual Parish Meeting    
May 19th - Annual Parish Council Meeting    
June 16th    
July 21st    
August 18th    
September 15th    
October 20th    
November 17th    
December 15th    

(i) Agenda item - Questions from the Public - included on all agendas

A member of the general public may under this agenda item raise in person, any matter, ask a question and/or address the Council on a specific subject/s. In all cases public comments and Council responses must be made through the Chairman of the meeting who has the authority to place a time restriction on proceedings.

Members of the general public unable to attend may submit their comments, concerns  or questions in writing or by emailing the Clerk to the Council providing, these are received by noon on of the day preceding a published meeting.  Depending to the matter raised the Clerk will respond, if appropriate, within 7days of the meeting date.

(ii) Planning Applications

Applicants and/or Members of the general public will be granted the opportunity to address the meeting on planning applications published on the meeting agenda, without the legal requirement to suspend and re-convene the meeting
The Applicant: 2 minutes.
Objectors and/or supporters: a collective time two minute

Specific rules apply to fully constituted Resident or Community Groups. Please ask the Clerk for details. (trial period from Jan 2015)